INTERCOM – Mezinárodní výbor muzejního managementu

Místo konání: Národní zemědělské muzeum

Datum: 25. srpna 2022

The Director’s round table - taking the pulse


INTERCOM, the International Committee for Museum Management, has taken the initiative to organise during the General Conference in Prague an informal roundtable among directors of museums. The session is new in the programme as it invites only museum directors to partake in an informal get-together. In an informal setting, a cozy place for exchnage will be created for our distinguished colleagues and museum directors to share their experiences. We will start with a display of a management case, asking for the participants' feedback with a purpose to come to a shared solution/understanding. The context of management / leadership is crucial for fulling the director’s role. It requires a good overview, weighting options or complex decision making and leadership skills in order to achive solutions acceptable for all parties involved.

INTERCOM moderator will take care that the discussion in the roundtable goes smoothly. The conversation may be light and sometimes witty. It focusses on what directors do in similar situations and encourages them share how they acted in challenging situations, What worked? And what did horribly go wrong? What would they advice NOT to do in such a situation. The Director’s roundtable is a sharing session about the role as Director. About your position and power and leadership styles. The conversation will offer a couple of scenarios, by changing the circumstances to review the chosen situtation from different angles, to stear the conversation and make the audiences reflect from their own similar experiences in the role of Director.

The aim of the meeting is to lead to a better understanding of the role of directors, to create a mutual bond as members of INTERCOM and to realise how feedback from colleagues and asking for advise can help finding a solution or even prevent the issue from growing out-of-hand. The whole session will be a safe space for directors even to share their weaknesses, failures and bond with people in the same role and position. Use this secluded and safe place to share your expertise and learn from the others!






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