ICR – Mezinárodní výbor regionálních muzeí

Místo konání: Muzeum T. G. M. Rakovník, Muzeum T. G. Masaryka v Lánech, Regionální muzeum v Jílovém u Prahy

Datum: 25. srpna 2022

The Power of Regional Museums


After visiting three Czech regional museums, we will follow the thoughts of ICOM Vice-President Dr. Laishun An's keynote at the ICR Annual Meeting 2021; demonstrating regional museums as driving and endogenous forces, cohesive and radiating power. Regional museums are a reflection of their communities. They collect, research, and communicate tangible and intangible heritage while being sites for the creation of new knowledge and social interaction. As such, they can detect changes in society and become sources of cultural innovation.










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