GLASS – Mezinárodní výbor pro muzea a sbírky skla

Místo konání: Uměleckoprůmyslové museum v Praze

Datum: 25. srpna 2022

1. "Glass as a powerful (museums) material” 2. “Update on glass”


The Glass-only sessions “Glass as a powerful (museums) material” and “Update on glass” intend to celebrate the UN International Year of Glass 2022 exploring the strategic role museum can play in enhancing the knowledge of glass among citizens. Being places of learning with objects, museums are crucial for dissemination, education and hands-on experience focused on glass. In every type of museums glass can be used as a powerful medium to attract and actively engage the public. Art, science, archaeology, history, and social sciences find their meeting point in specialized glass museums and museums with collections of glass. In a museum, even the most common glass objects can provide unique learning experiences. Educational programs are designed to extend the understanding and knowledge in children and adults deepening the meaning of glass in their life. Glass started to impact on the world many centuries ago, and it will continue to do so. How museums will continue telling its stories? The ICOM GLASS Meeting is open to all wanting to discuss this theme, as well as to contributions aiming to update our knowledge about the broad world of glass.






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