AVICOM – International Committee for Audiovisual, New Technologies and Social Media

22 August 2022, 16:00–17:30, Prague Congress Centre


Organizing committees: AVICOM, CECA

Digital Media for the Preparation, Implementation and Follow-up of the Museum Visit Sense, Superfluity or Nonsense?

Invited speakers from CECA and AVICOM will discuss relationship of digital media and museum education Digital media are an indispensable instrument of museum communication with the public. But which content and technologies are useful for information before, during and after a museum visit? How can museums, exhibits and collections be conveyed virtually to target groups? How has the digital commitment of museums developed in times of crisis? What is the significance of the digital for museum education? In their joint session, the two specialist committees discover and discuss their interfaces.


23 August 2022, 14:30–16:00, Prague Congress Centre


Organizing committees: AVICOM, MPR, ICOM Germany

The COVID-19 Challenge: Museums and their digital engagement in times of crises. Results of the Solidarity Project of AVICOM, MPR and ICOM Germany

In this collective endeavour AVICOM and MPR with support by ICOM Germany have worked out, in dialogue with leading representatives of museums, the status quo of their digital/hybrid presence. Therefore, MPR has realized narrative interviews with representatives all over the world. The results are highly interesting interview films. AVICOM has analysed the digital presence (websites, social media) of these and other museums and their digital strategies in the pandemic period and evaluated them with a view to innovation, inclusion and sustainability. The joint session reports about the project results, shows extracts of the narrative movies, presents best practice examples and invites 5-Min-contributions and a wider discussion.


23 August 2022, 16:30–18:00, Prague Congress Centre


Organizing committees: AVICOM

News from the world of audiovisual and digital museum media

The annual conference is dedicated to developments in the field of museum media and presents interesting practical examples. The focus is on media that reduce barriers and promote inclusion of different target groups like people with special needs, indigenous people and sustainability.





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