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Publishing with impact in museum studies and heritage

23 August 2022, 13:30–14:30, South Hall 1A , In-person format

Publishing is an integral part of museums and heritage research and practice, with academics and practitioners publishing at least once in their professional careers. This session is designed to provide a basic overview of the current state of scholarly and professional publishing in museum studies and heritage. The session will cover what to consider when preparing a manuscript for publication, the peer review and publication process, open access and how to ensure that your publication has an impact.


Aedín Mac Devitt, Head of Publications and Documentation at ICOM

George Cooper, Portfolio Manager, Journals (Anthropology, Conservation, Museum Studies & Heritage), Taylor&Francis/Routledge

Third speaker to be confirmed.

Wiki Edit-a-thon: Help protect cultural heritage from your laptop

23 August 2022, 13:30–14:30, South Hall 1B, Hybrid format

Illicit traffic threatens cultural heritage around the world. Nowadays, many of these illegal transactions happen online on social media or e-commerce platforms. To fight against them, we need to work together. Everybody can help, even from their laptop! In this Wiki Edit-a-thon, we will work together to raise awareness online by creating, enriching, and translating information about cultural heritage in danger included in the ICOM Red Lists on some of the Internet’s most visited websites: Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons and Wikidata.  No need to be an experienced Wiki user to participate — all levels are welcomed!


Amendment of the ICOM Statutes

21 August 2022, 14:45–15:45, Panorama Hall, Hybrid format

Over the past two years, the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting health, social and economic crises have highlighted the need to revise ICOM's Statutes to bring them up to date with new requirements for accessibility to online and hybrid meetings and for simpler and more transparent governance processes. The Working Group on Statutes and Rules (WGSR) has been reviewing the ICOM Statutes with a view to updating them to better meet the needs of our organisation. At this roundtable, the WGSR will discuss with the ICOM Members on proposals and collect feedback on necessary changes.


Jean François Canat, Chair of the Working Group on Statutes And Rules (WGSR)


Alexandre Chevalier, Jenny Chiu, Jean Hilgersom, Jahangir Hussain, Julian Roa Triana, Kate Seymour, Maria de Lourdes Monges Santos

ICOM External Review – Next Steps

21 August 2022, 15:45–16:45, Club A, Hybrid format 

From August 2021, external consultants conducted an independent review of ICOM’s governance. The consultants’ final report was sent to the ICOM Advisory Council in April 2022 and contained several key recommendations to improve governance and communications within the organisation. Join ICOM’s President and members of the External Review Steering Committee to discuss how the organisation should move forward and implement these recommendations.


Carlos Roberto Ferreira Brandão, ICOM Executive Board Member

SPEAKERS from External Review Steering Committee:

Carol Scott, Hans van de Bunte, Asma Ibrahim, Eric Dorfman, Eunice Báez Sánchez
*other speakers to be confirmed

ICOM Code of Ethics

22 August 2022, 11:45–12:45, Congress Hall, Hybrid format

The Standing Committee on Ethics (ETHCOM) will discuss the revision of the ICOM Code of Ethics for Museums which is currently underway. This roundtable will provide a brief history of the Code and its central role in supporting ICOM’s mission. It will provide an update on the revision, discussing both the methodology employed as well as the projected changes and additions that will appear in the revised Code.


Sally Yerkovich, Chair of the Ethics Committee (ETHCOM)


Feng Zhao, Johannes Beltz, Kaja Širok, Luisa De Pena Diaz, Chedlia Annabi

ICOM Resolutions

22 August 2022, 14:00–15:00, Panorama Hall, Hybrid format

The Resolutions Committee for the 26th ICOM General Conference will present to the Members all the resolutions proposed by the ICOM Committees. ICOM members will have the opportunity to discuss the resolutions, pertaining to the challenges that the global museum community is facing today. The results of the votes on the 2022 resolutions will then be presented during the General Assembly on August 24.


Chair of the Resolutions Committee

SPEAKERS from the Resolutions Committee:

Noga Raved, Nicole Gesché-Koning, Penelope Theologi-Gouti, Giuliana Ericani, Amalia Castelli Gonzalez

ICOM Strategic Plan 2022–2028

23 August 2022, 10:30–11:30, Congress Hall, Hybrid format

The Strategic Plan Committee (SPC) will present the 2022-2028 Strategic Plan for the organisation, the roadmap and the methodology followed to develop it. This roundtable will go over the major milestones and the inclusive process employed to engage all members and bodies of ICOM. It will provide an opportunity to discuss the future of the organisation, and how to translate the vision and objectives of the plan into concrete actions to nurture the organisation and support the sector.


Ole Winther, Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC)


Antonio Rodriguez, Carol Scott, Robin Hirst PSM, Jane Legget, Ech-cherki Dahmali

The power of the Museum Definition: a common ground for museum diversity

24 August 2022, 10:30–11:30, Congress Hall, Hybrid format

The roundtable intends to gather different voices and points of view on the ICOM museum definition to discuss its power, its operational value, and the challenges in the process of finding common ground within the contemporary museum diversity. Speakers will be invited to present their views on the potential uses and applications of the new museum definition in their respective contexts considering the transformation of museums in the first decades of this century and proposing some core points of convergence for museum professionals with different backgrounds and from diverse geographical contexts around the globe. This roundtable is an invitation for speakers and the audience to imagine together the future of museums having in mind the new proposed definition.


Lauran Bonilla-Merchav and Bruno Brulon Soares, Co-chairs of the Standing Committee for the Museum Definition (ICOM Define)

SPEAKERS from ICOM Define:

Nicolas Kramar, Annabi Chédlia, Muthoni Thangwa, Inkyung Chang



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