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Cell Phones and Mobile Connection

There are 3 main providers of mobile connection in the Czech Republic (T-Mobile, O2, Vodafone). The Czech Republic is covered by 4G signal and there is no problem with mobile and internet connection. It is common that most cafés, restaurants, and other places have Wi-Fi. Attendees are kindly requested to turn off or switch their cell phones to silent mode in the meeting rooms where scientific sessions are held.

City Transport

Travelling by Prague city transport is only possible with a valid ticket. Passengers have to obtain their tickets before boarding the vehicle or entering the Metro system. The ticket is valid only if stamped in the validation device. Find more info under Travel Information.


The Czech crown (CZK) is the official currency of the Czech Republic. Upon arrival, please do not change currency at the airport! There is approximately 20% loss on the conversion rate if not booked ahead. You can find the official exchange rates on the website of the Czech National Bank at There is plenty of exchange offices around the city, and money can also be changed at banks or some hotels. We advise you to always double check with the staff when completing the transaction.

Withdrawing money from an ATM: Some ATMs offer the option to 'pay using home currency'. Ignore this and opt to 'pay in local currency'. The transaction will then be converted at a good international rate authorised by your own bank. If you select 'home currency', the ATM converts the Czech crowns at its own rate, which is usually a poor rate; this is called Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC).

Do not use EURONET ATMs. All the bank ATMs in CZ are reliable.

International credit cards are accepted for payments in hotels, restaurants and shops. Payment in cash in EUR is also available in some restaurants and shops, but it is necessary to count on a less convenient rate. Please ask for details on-site.

Entry Formalities

All foreign visitors to the Czech Republic must possess a passport valid for at least the next three months. Attendees requiring a visa should apply in advance to consular offices of the Czech Republic or diplomatic missions in their countries in order to avoid delays in travel to the Conference. You can find more info under Passport and Visa Requirements.


The Czech Republic uses a 230V/50 Hz system. Sockets are the standard European type (two-prong round pin plugs with a hole for a male grounding pin are standard). To use electric appliances from your country you may need a special voltage converter with an adapter plug. More information here.

Important Telephone Numbers

112 – General Emergency (the standard European number) – they speak English
150 – Fire Department
155 – Ambulance
156 – Prague Municipal Police
158 – State Police


The organisers can accept no liability for personal injuries or loss or damage to property belonging to the workshop participants, either during or as a result of the event. Participants are advised to take out proper travel and health insurance before departing from their home country.

No Smoking

In the Czech Republic it is not allowed to smoke in bars, cafés, restaurants and other public interiors as well as at public transport stops and stations. Smoking in the ICOM PRAGUE 2022 conference area is also not allowed.

Time Zone

The Czech Republic is on Central European Time - Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) plus 1 hour. From April to October there is daylight saving time, i.e. GMT +2 hours.

Language of the Conference

The official languages for ICOM PRAGUE 2022 will be English, French, Spanish and Czech.


Service is usually included in the bill in bars and restaurants but tips are welcome. If you consider the service good enough to warrant a tip, we suggest about ten percent.


The month of August is usually the hottest month of the year for Prague. During this month, the average temperature for the city begins at 18.5° C, created by highs of 24° C during the daytime and lows of 13° C after dark. Although it only occurs on an average of once every ten days, temperatures can sometimes rise above 29° C and fall below 7° C in Prague in August. The hottest temperature ever recorded in the city during this month is 37° C, while the coldest temperature ever registered here during this month is 5° C. Most interiors (the Prague Congress Centre, museums, restaurants, etc.) are air conditioned.

You can find the current weather for the Conference at

Czech Language

Even though English is spoken at all the hotels, shops and restaurants in Prague, we include a few basic Czech words and sentences that can be useful during your stay in Prague.

Dobrý den
(dob-ree den)
Good evening
Dobrý večer
(dobree vecher)
Good night
Dobrou noc
(dobrow nots)
How are you?
Jak se máte?
(jak se mahte)
I am fine.
Mám se dobře.
(mam se dobrzhe)
Thank you
How much is it?
Kolik to stojí?
(ko-lik to s-toyee)
Would you like to go for a beer?
Zajdeme na pivo?
(zay-de-me na pivo)
May I get a beer?
Dám si pivo
(dhaam si pivo)
Where is the nearest museum?
Kde je nejbliží muzeum?
(kh-de ye ney-blee-she moo-zeyum)
I would like to see all exhibitions.
Chci vidět všechny výstavy.
(kh-tsay wee-dyet v-she-kh-ny wee-staavy)
I enjoyed your museum.
Muzeum se mi líbilo.
(moo-zyum se me lee-beelo)
Where is the Prague Congress Centre?
Kde je kongresové centrum?
(kh-de ye congress-owee cent-room)



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