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Prague has a very efficient subway, tram and bus transportation system. On the new Prague underground, rush hour trains run every 1 or 2 minutes, and during off-peak hours at least every 10 minutes. The most recent information on Prague’s transportation system can be found on the official website:


The Prague metro network consists of 3 lines designated by letters and differentiated in colour: A – green line (Depo Hostivař station – Nemocnice Motol station), B – yellow line (Černý most station – Zličín station), C – red line (Letňany station – Háje station), with transfers possible at Muzeum station (lines A and C), Můstek station (lines A and B), and Florenc station (lines B and C). The metro operates daily from 5 a.m. till midnight. The Prague Congress Centre is located right next to “Vyšehrad” station – red line C.


Daytime operation is from 4:30 a.m. till midnight. Night-time operation is from 12:30 a.m. to 4:30 a.m. and is provided by tram numbers 91 to 99 with intervals 30 of minutes. The central transfer station for night trams is Lazarská stop. Tram schedules are located at individual stops.


The daytime and night-time operation of buses is similar to tram operation. Night-time service is provided by bus numbers 901 to 916. Bus schedules are located at individual stops.


Find a connection at or download the mobile app “PID Lítačka”

Prague City Transport Fares

Travelling by city transport is only possible with a valid ticket. Passengers have to obtain their tickets before boarding the vehicle or entering the Metro system. The ticket is valid only if stamped in the validation device.


Standard ticket: 40 CZK = ca 1.58 €
Short-term ticket: 30 CZK = ca 1.18 €

A standard ticket is valid for 90 minutes and a short-term ticket for 30 minutes after being stamped.

One-day (24-hour) ticket: 120 CZK = about 4.73 €
3-day (72-hour) ticket: 330 CZK = about 13 €

These tickets are valid for all the city transport facilities and allow transfers. On such a ticket, the owner’s name and date of birth have to be filled in. The ticket is valid from the moment it is stamped. These tickets can be bought in the Information Centres of the Prague Information Service (PIS).

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Ticket Inspection

The validity of tickets can be checked by the ticket inspectors of Dopravní podnik (The Prague Public Transit Company) at any time during travel or while located in the Metro system. The ticket inspector is entitled to ask the passenger to produce his or her valid ticket, to confiscate invalid tickets, and to collect a fine (1500 CZK = approx. 59 €, if paid at once 1000 CZK= approx. 39.4 €) in case of travel without a valid ticket. In case of unpaid luggage, the inspector collects a fine of 50 CZK. To prove their identity, inspectors produce yellow-and-red badges. They issue receipts for the fine amounts.


Vaclav Havel Airport Prague handles flights of most European carriers and also overseas flights. It is located 30-45 minutes by car from the centre of Prague. There is a good connection between the airport and city centre by public transport and taxis. You can easily get to the city centre using one of the public buses. For the quickest transport to the city centre or the nearest metro station we advise using routes 119 and 100.

Airport Prague offers variety of services to increase your comfort when both arriving and departing.



In order to get a favorable rate guaranteed, Czech crowns can be reserved free of charge in advance at the airport exchange office. These rates can not be guaranteed to be available on spot.


You can order your taxi in advance and immediately secure a favorable price for your journey


Whether you're flying from Terminal 1 or 2, you can enjoy the time before your flight in airport lounges. Comfort, peace for work and rest, as well as all-inclusive refreshments.

In a need of a COVID test for your return? You can find the collection point directly in the terminal with results delivered within 2 hours.

Would you like to get a gift, a souvenir or something for yourself? The range of shops at the airport is really wide and so is the offer of Czech iconic products.



When taking a taxi, make sure the taxi is equipped with a permanently installed yellow roof lamp with the TAXI sign in black letters. The registration number, company name and price list including the base rate, rate per kilometre and one-minute-waiting rate must be displayed on both front doors of the cab. These prices must correspond with the prices set on the meter in the cab. Customers are recommended to order a taxi with non-stop dispatching offices where the information on fares is available in advance.

You can also use UBER service all around the city.


You can easily reach Prague by train from whole Europe. Prague Main Railway Station (Praha Hlavní nádraží) is in the centre of the city. There is Subway C – red line station called “Hlavní nádraží”. In 5 minutes from there, you can reach “Vyšehrad” station where Prague Congress Centre is.


Prague is accessible by bus from more than 20 countries. Main international bus terminal is located in “Florenc” near the city centre. There is the Subway station called Florenc which is on the Subway B – yellow line and C – red line.





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