Municipal Museums

The City of Prague Museum

Na Poříčí 1554/52, 186 00 Prague 8

The City of Prague Museum conserves and presents Prague’s history from its earliest times to the present. The museum administrates a range of monuments including Prague’s iconic spires. It cares for unique examples of modern architecture such as František Müller’s villa, Villa Müller, designed by Adolf Loos from 1928 to 1930, and the house of Otto Rothmayer, Villa Rothmayer. Rothmayer was a descendant of Josip Plečnik, the architect who designed the Prague Castle renovations of 1920 to 1934. At its Ctěnice Chateau location, the City of Prague Museum is proud to preserve the tradition of guild crafts, and exhibits one of the world’s largest collections of guild-related objects.

CAMP Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning

Vyšehradská 51, 128 00 Prague

CAMP, the Center for Architecture and Metropolitan Planning, has set a goal to improve public discussion about the development of Prague. CAMP is located in the building of the Prague Institute for Planning and Development and offers visitors a 200 square metre exhibition space with a large projection screen, a library, a café and a modern lecture hall.

Municipal Museum and Gallery Břeclav

Dukelských hrdinů 2747/4, 690 02 Břeclav

The history of museums in Břeclav dates back to the year 1928, which marked the founding of the Museum and Homeland Studies Association. The current institution, the City Museum and Gallery, was founded in 1995 and represents the most important art and history of the region. Museum expositions are devoted to topics such as the history of the House of Liechtenstein and Judaism in Břeclav. Visitors can also explore Slavic archaeology in the exhibition Great Moravian Paganism.

Municipal Museum and Library Čáslav

Husova 291, 286 01 Čáslav

The City Museum in Čáslav is one of the oldest regional museums in Bohemia. It is housed in a Neo-Renaissance building which was constructed specifically for the needs of the institution in 1884. Extensive natural history collections from museum patron Josef Kaunický and collections gathered by the Museum and Archaeological Association Včela Čáslavská were moved into the museum. These collections are preserved to this day and document a 19th century approach to museum work and the presentation of collections. In 2018, the furniture of the exhibition was added to the list of Czech cultural monuments.

Municipal Museum of Ústí nad Labem

Masarykova 1000/3, 400 01 Ústí nad Labem

The Museum was established in 1876. Its collections document the culture, history, and nature of the city of Ústí nad Labem and northwestern Bohemia. It is also dedicated to the history of the German-speaking population in the Czech lands and cares for a unique medieval city execution site, which is one of the best-preserved monuments of its kind in the Czech Republic.

Town Museum and Gallery Svitavy

Máchova alej 293/1, 568 02 Svitavy

The history, arts and crafts of the Hřebečsko region are reflected in the collections of the Town Museum and Gallery in Svitavy. This unique institution focuses especially on the traditions of nativity scene craftsmanship and washing technology. The local collection of washing technology features 192 examples of washing machines and 52 washboards¾the largest collection of its kind within the Czech Republic! Another part of the exhibition in Svitavy depicts the life and work of Oscar Schindler, the inspiration behind the 1993 film Schindler’s List and a local of the town. A wide variety of educational programs and free time activities is offered not only to schools, but to anyone interested. Recently, the main priority of the museum has become restoring the 15-meter-long nativity scene from Svitavy, which contains mechanical moving figures. The importance of this unique example of folk craftsmanship extends far beyond the Svitavy region.



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