Mentoring Session

Grab the opportunity to become a part of five different thematic tables in Mentoring sessions and meet the leading professionals in the field of Conservation and Preservation, Education and Mediation, Leadership and Museum Management, Communication and Marketing and Curatorship and Collection. Each thematic table will be led by two mentors, one International and one from the Czech Republic, who will mediate trends in the field of museology. Mentoring sessions represent a great opportunity to meet colleagues from around the world and an exclusive tool to share, learn and compare accesses. Which will be one of your choices?

  1. Conservation and Preservation

    International Mentor: Stephanie de Roemer
    Czech Mentors: Dušan Perlík and Alena Selucká
  2. Education and Mediation

    International Mentor: Wencke Maderbacher
    Czech Mentor: Lucie Jagosová
  3. Leadership and Museum Management

    International Mentor: John Barnes
    Czech Mentor: Marek Prokůpek
  4. Communication and Marketing

    International Mentor: Matthias Henkel
    Czech Mentor: Eva Gartnerová
  5. Curatorship and Collection

    International Mentors: Danielle Kuijten and Leen Beyers
    Czech Mentor: Richard Drury



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