Flag Relay Ceremony

24 August 2022

The ICOM General Conference Flag Relay Ceremony of ICOM Prague 2022 will take place at the National Museum in Prague.

The event will be the occasion to celebrate the accomplishments of the Conference and to formally hand over the ICOM flag, a symbolic baton entrusted to the organising committee of the 27th ICOM General Conference.

In September 2019, at the 25th ICOM General Conference in Kyoto, the ICOM Czech Republic National Committee received a traditionally woven silk flag from their colleagues of ICOM Japan.

The members of ICOM Czech Republic decided to make this symbolic flag by hand in the traditional cross stitch embroidery. The flag travelled to museums all over the Country and passed through the hands of hundreds of colleagues who embroidered it one by one.

As a result of this joint effort, the ICOM flag will not be presented by the entire ICOM Czech Republic National Committee – every member, and every museum will symbolically participate in this most solemn moment.



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