New Type of Interactive Exposition and digital guide “The Memory of Nations”

The Charles University, together with the prestigious non-profit organisation Post Bellum and the specialised creative studio 3dsense, is developing a new form of interdisciplinary presentation of museum collections of a digital nature. The Hyb4City team in Hybernská Campus – a joint project between Charles University and the capital of Prague for the interconnection of science, art, education and innovation – invites you to workshop and presentation of the interactive exposition. This audiovisual exhibition is based on the research project Education through exposition of Memory of Nation Exposition Education Tools for the 21st Century.

Dates: 21 August 2022, 13:00

Meeting point / Venue: Hybernská Campus – Hyb4City Project (3rd floor)
Address: Hybernská Street 4, Prague 1

Language: English

Duration: ca 3 hours

Group size: 60 pax




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