ICOM Prague 2022 – part of “Graphic Harvest”

We are proud to announce that CZECHDESIGN, a prestigious organisation and leading design portal in the Czech Republic, has chosen the logo of the 26th ICOM General Conference as part of its “Graphic Harvest” event.


Four times each year, Graphic Harvest highlights five exceptional examples of graphic design from across the country. The #ICOMPrague2022 logo was published in the company of institutions such as the Czech Philharmonic, the Technical University of Liberec and SAB Aerospace – a manufacturer of space rocket components.

An increasing number of public institutions and private companies have been realising the importance of a unified visual style and strong logo. An efficient logo should make a difference, stating the identity of a whole brand and functioning as a cornerstone of its overall visual style.

Thank you to the Colmo Studio graphic artists for their amazing work!



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