The Museum of Decorative Arts

The Museum of Decorative Arts wants to open all spaces for the participants of the Museum Night and arrange personal meetings with the museum's curators in ongoing exhibitions.

Vojtěch Lanna's Glass Collection: The UPM Glass Collection rightly belongs to the world-renowned ensembles documenting the historical development and current forms of glass art. Its origin is inextricably linked with the name of the collector and patron Vojtěch Lanna.

Martin Janecký's exhibition: The latest works of the world-famous glassmaker.

Lace sculptures: A new look at lace combined with a perfect knowledge of classical techniques.

The Museum of Decorative Arts wants to conceive of Museum Night as a social event, which is why it also included in the program a fashion show by the leading Czech designer Liběna Rochová and a performance by students of the Prague Conservatory.

19:00 – The Museum of Decorative Arts with Curators ready to answer – Free Entrance
Capacity: 200
Language: English

21:00 – Fashion show of Liběna Rochová’s models
Capacity: 60

23:00 – Chamber concert of Music School students – Free Entrance
Capacity: 150



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