Litomyšl: Where tradition meets modernity; From Renaissance Litomyšl Castle to the madness of Portmoneum

The charming town of Litomyšl is included amongst UNESCO’s world heritage sites – mainly thanks to its beautifully preserved Renaissance castle complex (managed by the National Heritage Institute), complete with a unique, scraffito-decorated facade. Litomyšl is a great example of how life – and architecture – can go on, even in a town where every second house has historical significance. Together with curators from the Town Gallery Litomyšl, come discover how modern architectural gems have been incorporated organically into the town’s historic centre. Then, find out how the genius and expressive mind of an artist can speak to you through painting at Portmoneum – the museum of Josef Váchal, an expressionist poet and painter from the early 20th century. Portmoneum is managed by the Museum of Litomyšl.

Recommended for members of: CECA, ICFA, COMCOL, ICOM – CC

Museums Visited

Litomyšl Castle – the National Heritage Institute

The Town Gallery Litomyšl

The Museum of Litomyšl


Departure to Litomyšl (from parking lot of the hotel Corinthia)

Castle tour

Conservation workshop (church visit)

Lunch break, beer tasting

Guided architectural walk

Visit to Portmoneum

Departure to Prague

Estimated arrival in Prague (Prague Congress Centre)

Please be at the departure point 15 minutes prior to departure.





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