ICOM-CC – Comité international pour la conservation

Lieu : Galerie nationale Prague, Couvent Sainte-Agnès de Bohême

Date : le 25 août 2022

Training leaders for the future of conservation practice: facilitated session on how to apply Sustainable Development Goals in conservation


A leader in Facilitation Skills training will conduct a workshop for all on-site delegates. A facilitator brings together the focus of a diverse group of individuals with complex needs towards a common shared objective. A facilitator enables focused and clear discourse towards informed decision-making and problem-solving in an open, trusting environment where each member feels valued and is heard is. Skills learnt are applicable in daily practice and communications, or any instance when people come together.

Technical Visits - half day - afternoon

Visits to the following institutions will be organised by partners: National Gallery, Prague. Visits will host a maximum of 10 people per group. Time slots will be rotated.

  • Convent of St. Agnes
  • Trade Fair Palace
  • The Jewish Museum
  • National Library





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