DRMC – Comité international pour les musées résilients aux catastrophes

Lieu : Galerie nationale Prague, Palais Sternberg

Date : le 25 août 2022

Current Topics in Disaster Planning and Recovery: Case Studies and Opportunities for Collaboration

DRMC strategy plan development, DRMC Business meeting


Museums are aware that their staff, collections, and structures face risks from disaster events—both from natural events and political instability and conflict. The experience of museum professionals in addressing disasters helps inform the museum field about strategies to help safeguard lives, collections, and structures. DRMC would like to share this knowledge and expertise, case studies of good work done ahead of a disaster, responses to a disaster, and examples of strategies that failed. Some questions to explore: How should museum professionals plan for a disaster? What training aids have been particularly helpful? What have museums done in a moment of crisis? What strategies and interventions have not succeeded and why? What role do museums have in commemorating a moment of disaster and its aftermath? What role does leadership play in responding to museum disaster events? By raising these questions, ICOM DRMC aims to strengthen expertise within ICOM on disaster risk management and encouraging professional networking around this important global topic.





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