CAMOC – Comité international sur les collections et activités des musées des villes

Lieu : Musée de la ville de Prague, Château de Ctěnice

Date : le 25 août 2022

City museums and urban sustainability


In continuation of the research thread initiated in 2021, at the ICOM and CAMOC Webinar: Museums, sustainable cities and communities and at CAMOC Barcelona 2021 Annual Conference, the CAMOC-only off-site meeting will tackle urban sustainability. As the world becomes highly urbanised, the role of cities, from high-density metropolises to small towns, becomes more and more fundamental in any discussion on sustainability. While interactions among urban and global systems are intrinsic to urban sustainability, approaches to its key elements, including citizen engagement, prosperity and well-being, must be rooted in place and based on a sense of place. Thus, the aim of this meeting is to study the role of city museums as local sustainable citizenship hubs. We also invite contributors who explore how city museums can work as part of larger networks connecting cities on different scales around urban sustainability and resilience goals.





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