ICOM SEE – Alliance of South-East Europe countries

22 August 2022, 14:00–15:30, Prague Congress Centre


Organizing committees: Regional Alliance of South-East Europe countries

Museums of SE Europe: The Power of Common Roots for building lasting peace among the nations

With our joint presentation and performance with NC committees from ICOM SEE and International Foundation – Forum of Slavic Cultures, we will promote and emphasize the diversity, originality, exclusivity and identity of our cultural heritage. We will present good practices and excellent projects led by recognizable experts in this field.

The situation in this part of Europe is very restless and uncertain, so our event is an important contribution to emphasize, launch and share concrete common projects for assisting and protecting buildings, collections and help colleagues in the conflicts zones, our special attention is dedicated to the heritage at risk. In a round table will speak our colleagues from Ukraine and Bosna in Hercegovina. They will share with us experiences of war and its consequences on heritage and people.



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