ICAMT: Comité Internacional para la Arquitectura y las Tecnologías Museísticas

Fecha: 25 de agosto de 2022

Lugar del acto: 1a. parte: Centro de Arte Contemporáneo DOX

Museum Architecture (new cases, completed during COVID_19)


The museum world was closed due to Covid19. This does not mean that the projects have stopped, not at all. During this session, we like to see new projects of beautiful museum architecture. Size doesn't matter. Everything from a brand new museum, a museum expansion, a renovation, new studios, galleries or storage facilities to an exciting revamped exhibition hall is welcome. During the session, we would like to see projects that the museum is proud of, what the museum has wanted to achieve or what problem has been solved. What does the project mean for the museum, the surrounding, for the city, or perhaps even for the country? Have special building materials been used in an inventive way, or is there a new way of using space? All themes related to the combination of architecture and museums are relevant.




Lugar del acto: 2a. parte: CAMP: Centro de Arquitectura y Planificación Municipal





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